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Dear D,
Thanks for the stats on 60 and Life In-The Not-So-Fast Lane.
On my 60th birthday, my very wise daughter gave me a card……..I opened it and read “just think of it as two thirties.” Also enclosed were 60 lottery tickets. Did I feel lucky? Yes, because I had raised a very wise daughter. Yes, because I had 60 lottery tickets in my hand. Yes, because I was trying to think like I was only two thirties old.
My daughter is turning 30 herself next week. Should I give her a card advising her to think of 30 as two fifteens? It’s just her first thirty.
But I love thinking like I’m only 30. How many times has someone said “I wish I knew then what I know now.” Well there is the first 30, wide eyed, trusting only those also under the age of 30, and eager to experience whatever the Universe has to offer. Then there is the second 30 years, definitely different than the first but I’m still living it.
Since I am past 60 now, I have to consider the third thirty, OMG! On my way to 90? Yes it’s true. But now that you told me one of the secrets to living a long life – being in love and someone loving me back – I feel much better, calmer and at peace. My daughter fell in love this week, what a great 30th birthday gift! Should I get her 30 lottery tickets for her birthday?
Did I tell you what happened with the lottery tickets? I took them all in, the cashier ran the numbers through their magic lottery machine and I won…….wait for it…………..one dollar! I have all the tickets and the one dollar bill paper clipped together somewhere.
I love you too!

About the Bloggers:
D & L are over 60, in love and happily reside in San Diego, California.