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In my other life – the one that actually pays the bills – I am a professional speaker whose Target Audiences are professionals whose Target Audiences in turn are the 50+ demographic. People I and others refer to as “The Mature Marketplace”. And in every one of the almost 200 presentations I’ve given these past years, there is one constant in the way of a slide that talks about “The 5 Key Concepts”. Turning the microphone inward for just a moment, here are those 5 Key Concepts – motivators if you will, that can lead you to increased happiness in this Over 60, Later-Life stage.

The 5 Key Concepts –

Autonomy or Self-Sufficiency – How often and in how many ways do you ever find yourself thinking about the things you used to do and long to be able to do them again. Question is, what’s stopping you? Regaining the ability to pursue the interests and activities that age or illness may have taken away is a recurring billboard along Highway 60.

Connectedness – At this age, almost all of us have reached a station in life when “Trigger Events” begin to take effect – children growing up and moving out, selling the family home, retiring from a long-enjoyed career, perhaps even losing a spouse. Those events notwithstanding, staying connected with people and things is another Key.

Altruism – My first jobs out of college were as a fund-raiser for various non-profits. What was true then is true today, that 75% of all donations are by individuals, not corporations or foundations. Giving to others is one of the pure pleasures life at this stage can afford us. Doesn’t have to be dollars. Back then, I learned “The 3 W’s” of volunteerism: Work, Wisdom and Wealth. If you can’t give dollars, give of your time. The rewards are almost endless.

Personal growth – NBC “Nightly News” ™ recently had a segment on the growing number of retirees who choose not to go to either coast, but to move to college towns, for the pure Personal Growth experience of being among younger people, whose lifes in turn are enriched by their own, while at the same time taking classes on the kinds of subjects that, perhaps for reasons of serving in the military or raising young families, they did not have the opportunity to take when they were college-age.The moral here is that no matter how old we become, we never, ever, leave behind the need for personal growth.

Revitalization – Defined as the ability to feel alive or more alive once again. Journaling at night. Offering a Gratitude Prayer each morning. These are the kinds of every-day gifts you can give yourself and in the giving, truly feel alive and welcoming each new day.

About the Bloggers – D & L are over Age 60, in love and happily reside in San Diego, California.