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Dear D,
I’m so glad to read that you are also tired of the “blue pill” advertising. Thanks for telling me that sex isn’t all there is….it is about intimacy, holding hands, falling asleep together and thankfully waking up together also. The ads are good though, showing us the watcher, the shared looks, the leaning into the other’s shoulder, the smiling and holding hands in the bathtubs. Hey, wait a minute, are they holding hands in the two separate bathtubs? And who has two separate bathtubs outside?
I was just visiting my parents in Kansas this week and they hold hands. As you know, Couple Huggingthey’ve been married 67 years. So maybe it’s also about keeping one’s balance but that’s a good thing if they can keep each other from toppling over. You know, that’s a very good reason to hold hands. We do it with our young children to keep them safe and connected to us so we should hold hands with our mate for the same reasons.
I also saw my best friend of 50 plus years and at the end of our visit, we too were holding hands. It’s about keeping our balance, intimacy and not wanting to let go either, no matter what the relationship is.
I do still love waking up and feel you knocking at my back door, so to speak. This morning was lovely and I can’t wait to see you again to make love OR to hold hands, probably both.

About the Bloggers – L and D are over age 60, in love and happily reside in San Diego, California.